Best Browser Extensions for Social Media Marketing

We all find ourselves in the same routine day after day, clicking the same buttons, visiting the same URLs, going through all the same motions. If you’re like me, you’ve gotten pretty good at it. But sometimes turning on autopilot setting sets us up for failure when we’re not engaging our brain to do any […]

How to Use Bing Search Engine to Advertise

Bing Ads is an advertising platform used to display ads on the Bing network including,, and Smaller affiliates like and also fall under this umbrella. Ads show up on Bing when a visitor searches just as they would on any other search engine. The top and sides of the page […]

Setting Up A 6 Figure Website

The amount of money you could potentially make online is astronomical.  Plenty of people have quit their full time jobs because they managed to set up a system that makes more money than they thought possible.